Dainty Flourishes 6X10 IOD Mould™ - Iron Orchid Design

Are you ready to add a touch of dainty to your DIY projects? Then you'll definitely want to check out the new IOD mould from IOD - the Dainty Flourishes! The IOD Sisters were inspired by friezes and panels, where many moulds were used in a larger composition. They coined a new term too! "Cluster Variations"

This little beauty is packed full of intricate designs that are just begging to be added to your furniture, walls, and whatever else you've got up your sleeve. But what really sets it apart is the fancy-schmancy micro-rim and measure marks. Trust us, they make getting consistent results super easy (even for you newbies)!

Made from top-notch silicone, the Dainty Flourishes mould is the perfect blend of sturdy and flexible - meaning you'll get great-looking designs every time (without struggling to pop 'em out). And the best part? You can use it with all sorts of different mediums - think air-dry clay, fondant, resin, and more.

And don't forget your IOD Clay