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Retired: Japonica 24 x 33 Decor Transfer - Iron Orchid Design


This transfer is retired. When its gone, its gone!

The Japonica Decor IOD Transfer™ doesn't get enough credit if you ask me, your friendly IOD stockist. In the pictures and video from my first experience using Japonica, I had found the perfect frame/canvas at a garage sale for... $4!!!!!! Sorry, had to brag there. Anyways, I did a blend of colors after priming the frame/canvas and then added my favorite stamp Bohemia. Top coated it and transferred over Japonica. It went on like a breeze and I fell in love with it. I struggled the frame- should I paint it Red? Gray? White with dark wax? I ended up leaving it a neutral gray so that the shape of the frame would compliment Japonica, not compete. I also priced it super high for an art faire, hoping it would not sell. A woman fell in love with it and POOF, good bye Japonica.

This transfer is 24 x 33 and comes in one piece rolled up in a tube. The tube is a little more expensive to ship, as it needs to go in a large box. But, you can fit lots of things in a large box to justify the shipping :)