Vintage Textures IOD Stamp™ - Iron Orchid Designs

The Swiss Knife of the Iron Orchid Design stamps for textures. The Texture Stamp of all Trades, Master of None. Seriously ArtMakers, you don't need a huge 12x12 stamp with one texture. This one does the trick for aging anything you have from upcycling big pieces of furniture to Ball Jars. I once tried Crackle on my face for a Halloween makeup effect, now I have more options. Gosh, maybe I will make a Halloween costume this year as a before/after picture of an upcycle table and use this stamp. Apologies for the stream of consciousness, but this is what happens when I write my own product copy. The IOD Sisters have outdone themselves again to bring a multi-tasking stamp into our hands. Make the investment, is my recommendation.