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Astoria IOD Transfer 12x16 Pad - Iron Orchid Designs


Beautiful Astoria and all the creative ways you can play with her! This IOD set comes in 4 sheets. Full transparency, this would not be a good transfer for a first timer. My first time using Astoria, I cut it up and used it in over 5 different projects which was a great introduction to all the nooks and crannies. Second and third time around it was for a full transfer to a white chalk painted table top. There is INCREDIBLE detail in this transfer, and it takes a while to complete the process while keeping an eye on getting all the bits and pieces over correctly.

One great extra about Astoria is that you can paint over her to create unique and gorgeous pieces.

IOD Transfers are a little delicate, need a little extra care, but are so worth it. With a little instruction, they are easy to use and add instant style to your projects.