Melange IOD Paint Inlay


Experience the vintage beauty of French prints with the Melange Paint Inlay from IOD. Take the guesswork out of creating beautiful art with the ease and precision that only an inlay can provide. With unique designs such as flowers, bees, scissors, botanist call backs, and chickens, you can create stunning projects with just a few simple steps. Plus, because the inlay is printed in a single monochromatic design, the possibilities for creating color combinations are almost endless. Whether you’re trying to make a statement on furniture or walls and cabinets, this paint inlay is the perfect starting point to explore your creative potential. Plus, it’s small enough to cut into individual pieces so you can experiment on a smaller scale before taking the plunge into a larger project. Add a whole new dimension to your artwork with the gorgeous Melange Paint Inlay from IOD. Unleash your creativity and explore all the possibilities of what you can create!