Carving Out Creative Moments in the Midst of Chaos

Carving Out Creative Moments in the Midst of Chaos

October 18, 2023

But fear not, because I have some sneaky tips and tricks to help you become the Accidental ArtMaker you were born to be!

1. Schedule "Me Time": Ladies, let's face it - we're great at scheduling everyone else's appointments, from dentist visits to dog grooming, but somehow forget to pencil in time for ourselves. It's time to change that! Grab your calendar and mark off a slot specifically for your creative endeavors. Treat it like a hot date you wouldn't dare cancel (unless George Clooney shows up at your door, then all bets are off).

2. Create a Creative Space: Now, I know what you're thinking. "Sharon, my house is a museum of chaos! Where would I even find a creative space?" Well, my dear accidental artists, it's time to Marie Kondo the heck out of one little corner. Find that forgotten nook or cranny, dust off the cobwebs, and transform it into your personal creative sanctuary. Add a funky lamp, a cozy chair, and a sign that says, "Warning: Genius at Work." Now you're ready to let your creative juices flow like Niagara Falls! (I'm in the middle of packing up my creative space and moving it someplace better!)

3. Take Micro Breaks: We may not have the luxury of long stretches of free time, but don't underestimate the power of bite-sized breaks. During your lunch break or while waiting in line at the DMV (we've all been there), whip out a mini sketchbook or a pocket-sized journal and let your imagination run wild. Who needs a boring wait when you could be crafting your next masterpiece?

4. Disconnect from Distractions: Ah, technology, the double-edged sword of our modern lives. We love it, we hate it, and it distracts us faster than a squirrel on roller skates. So, put that phone on silent mode and toss it into another galaxy (okay, maybe just another room). Close all those unnecessary tabs on your computer, unless you're researching "cat videos as inspiration" - then, by all means, leave them open! By banishing distractions, you'll create the perfect breeding ground for creativity to flourish. (What is the Pomodoro Technique?)

5. Incorporate Mindfulness Techniques: Take a deep breath, my fellow accidental artists. Inhale the scent of fresh creativity, exhale the stress of daily life. Incorporate mindfulness techniques, like meditation or deep breathing, to help you enter a Zen-like state of creative flow. Embrace the "om" before the "art"!

Now, my accidental art-making mavens, it's time for action! I want to hear from you. Comment below with your best practices for finding creative moments in the midst of chaos. Let's create a collective wisdom of brilliance that will make Da Vinci jealous!

So, go forth, my accidental art makers, and let your creativity shine! Whether it's painting, writing, dancing like no one's watching (except maybe your cat), embrace the joy of creating. Remember, you deserve these moments of self-expression and artistic exploration. Now, go out there and make some art, even if it's accidental!

P.S. Don't forget to share your creations with the world. You never know who might be inspired by your accidental masterpiece. Share your work on social media with the hashtag #AccidentalArtMaker and let the world see your creative prowess!

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