About Accidental ArtMaker

And so our beautiful journey together begins!

My Mission:

Accidental ArtMaker loves and supports every woman, mid-life or older, who is discovering herself and is creating art as a way to express that discovery. Just like your own journey, your art is uniquely beautiful too. Embrace it, kindle it, and be proud of it.


Hi. I am Sharon.

Someone once told me: A woman is the most beautiful of God's creations.

I'm glad they said it. Because, heavens know, we women love to downplay ourselves into oblivion. 

Why is it though? Why is so much art – poetry, sonnets, sculptures, paintings, songs – centered around women?

I believe it’s because we are the embodiment of EVERY manifestation of Love.

The fears, the pains, the doubts, the sheer joy, the cramps, the innocent beauty, the motherhood, the sisterhood, the daughterhood… We carry SO MUCH within us. 

(And look damn good doing so!)

And as we grow older, the incredible wisdom, countless lessons, the stories that we learnt at the school of hard knocks deepen our unique value. 

Therefore, I know for a fact that if you are a woman in her mid-life, or older, there is so much within you that needs to be expressed. 

Art is the way. 

I myself am an accidental artist.

It started a few years ago when a little voice in my head encouraged me to upcycle some old furniture in my garage. I’d never done that before!

With the simplest of tools, chalk paint and stencils, I turned old, discarded furniture into fresh, cute pieces that looked perfect for my living room. (If we ever meet in person, ask me about the Bureau of Lies.)

I can’t tell you how HAPPY this made me!

I felt like a kid again running barefoot through grass, chasing dragonflies on a summer day.

(I want you to experience this too.)

I soon became obsessed. I turned so much furniture into art that there was no more space in my living room. Or garage. Haha.

So I arranged with my local antique dealer and consigned my creations with them.

Oh the joy!

It gives so much joy to the soul to give new life to old things. To be able to see the beauty within them when no one else can.

Giving life is in our nature. In every way. 

Iron Orchid Designs

About 3 years ago, I came across Iron Orchid Designs. I first tried their IOD stamps, chalk paint and IOD ink. And, holy moly, the results were stunning.

As you create more art (or focus on any one thing), your mind bursts forth new ideas. You come across other artists creating something you haven't tried before and you are inspired! Same thing happened to me. I now work on not just furniture and started creating decor of all sorts. 

Then I tried  IOD transfers and moulds. 

That’s when I knew. 

And I became an IOD stockist because their high-quality products make making art a whole different experience.

Oh, How Priceless Are Imperfections!

If you have love within you, you can create art.
You may feel disconnected with the love within you.
You may even doubt it exists.

But it does.

Art brings it out.

Remember how as a little girl you loved stickers, and dressing like a princess or a cowgirl in my case, and painting horses, dinosaurs, etc? But as you grew up, you silenced that little girl into a corner because life had more important things. But now, you have the time and space to listen to that girl again. To smile at her. Let her express herself. Because my goodness, is she precious!

Initially it may take time. 

But failure is a wonderful part of the process.

It teaches you to trust. Trust yourself and the process.

That’s why creating art woks wonders for your soul, mental health and happiness.

Because you are no longer afraid to fail.
On the contrary, you learn to laugh heartily at them.

I have made so many mistakes along the way. I am glad I made them. I learned from them. But the most important thing I learnt – to not take myself (and everything else) so damn seriously all the time.

Mistakes are humbling

Imperfections are perfect.

Let’s Be Friends

You might feel lonely as you start your art. Which is why, we meet regularly on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram where we women have coffee, tea, wine together and do our art. It’s really safe, warm, and wonderful. 

Find your medium – chalks, stencils, stamps, paint, pencils, anything. 
And work magic with your hands. 


I promise you. Stick around and I’ll show it to you!