How to Make a Butterfly Barn with Barnwood Planks

How to Make a Butterfly Barn with Barnwood Planks

October 03, 2021

Had an ask on my Accidental ArtMaker FB page on how I created this effect on my Butterfly Barn Bureau. Here is a list of supplies and instructions, and too many pictures.

Rust-Oleum Chalked Farmhouse Red Paint
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White
Iron Orchid Designs Decor Black Ink
Iron Orchid Designs Barnwood Planks Stamp 
Iron Orchid Designs Entomology Etcetera Transfer (My friend Michelle at Serendipity House has this in stock)
Iron Orchid Designs Fronds Botanical Transfer 12×16 PAD™ (Backordered)
Clear Top Coat

Steps to Create a Butterfly Bureau with the Barnwood Planks Stamp from IOD:

  1. Find an old bureau and prep as you see fit for its condition
  2. Paint the sides red, the top and drawers white
  3. Dry brush with Paris Grey over both red and white paint. You want to break up the solid color but not go overboard. Better to be a minimalist when you start out.
  4. Use the Barnwood Plank Stamp with the Decor Ink Black over the red painted area. It’s a two sheet stamp so you have a lot of options to add character and mix it up! Time to get stamping! Ink up your IOD stamp pad with the black ink, and pat down your first plank stamp. The key to a great finish is to not ink up the entire stamp, you want to have an organic look and not establish any kind of pattern that the eye could pick up. Dry brushing helps with this organic look, and so does masking. Here is a time elapsed video showing me stamping with Barnwood Plank.

 And the second video showing me stamp with the smaller detailed stamps like the knots and the nails. Once you have stamped with the major planks, its time to break up the planks with detailing. Use the 'connector stamps' to break up the planks into individual pieces. Use the knot hole stamp for more detail.

5. Use the same stamping method over the white with the grey paint.

6. Top coat the entire dried piece. I used Debi's DYI Liquid Patina.
7. Add your transfers!

8. After all your transfers are added, time for another top coat to seal the piece.

I loved making this and it showed! Another thing- this was my first time using this stamp ever. I just went for it, knowing that Iron Orchid Design stamps are very forgiving if you mess up. There is always a way to incorporate "a mistake" into your art! 

The Butterfly Bureau was the first item to sell at the Camas Vintage and Art Faire. She went to a home with a lovely couple who loved her as much as I do. We artists get attached to our work! 

If you have any questions on any techniques or want help stamping, I am here for you.

Kindest Regards,
The Accidental ArtMaker



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