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Flower Power - Made by Marley Decoupage Paper



From my thorough 30 second google search, I believe this bird is an Eurasian Hoopoe. Hoopoes have some nasty habits, they stab each other with their beaks during fights and may blind rivals. Females and young Hoopoes make a disgusting-smelling liquid that covers the chicks and the nests to stop predators.

Interesting facts for sure, but all the birds in this pattern have their eyes and there is no fowl smelling liquid involved. See what I did there?

Flower Power is a set of 3 A3 sheets ( 11.7 x 16.5 inches and 29.7 x 42 cm) of beautifully designed furniture decoupage paper:
2 sheets with black birds and golden pear pattern
1 sheet of the boho blue cherub pattern

Our decoupage paper is made from recycled paper that is approximately 53 GSM. This paper is more robust than tissue paper for easier and wrinkle-free application to the fronts of cupboards and drawers. There is a small border around all images which is there to guide you in ripping the paper for the best application.