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Midnight Garden IOD Transfer 12x16 Pad- Iron Orchid Design


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Sweet decaying earth filled my senses. Vine and blossom fighting to reach the light above the canopy, deliciously overdressed for the occasion. The growing blanket of shade soothed the chirps and calls. If I didn’t know that this land was baron owned, I would think no human feet had tread in this, this, garden.

This was one of my first transfers I bought, I was transfixed by the wildness of it all. It's a little spooky, like it has a spell cast on it that will transfer to you. I was too intimidated to put it all down on one piece, so I cut it up and used it on some upcycled barn planks along with Bohemia Stamp and some Butterfly moulds. It's ok to ease yourself into the magic of IOD, but Buyer Beware! Don't be surprised to find your own Midnight Garden in these four sheets.