ArtMaker: The Best Way To Start

Life is beautiful.
Create beautiful things that make you happy. 

But you’ve only just done a bit of art here and there. Never really got the time with kids, family life and all.

But now…something inside your soul has been itching to create. 

But you don’t know where to start.

Start with:

  • The mode of art 
  • Select if you want to play around on an old piece of furniture. Or old clothing and re-design it. 

    Or a flower pot. 
    Or paint on a canvas. 
    Or the backyard wall in your house. 

    Choose your mode of art. There’s no wrong answer.

  • Home Decor Art Supplies from Iron Orchid Designs
  • I am an Iron Orchid Designs stockist. See IOD stamps, paint inlays, moulds, transfers – all of their awesome DIY decor tools that are sure to push your boundaries of imagination and passion.

    See product tutorials

  • Join The Accidental ArtMaker Creative Crew

  • Do you ever laugh at someone who is genuinely just doing something nice like – 

    Dancing at a street musician’s performance?
    Singing absent-mindedly in the bus?
    Making jewelry at home?

    Of course you don’t.
    Because most good people don’t. 

    That’s who we are at The Accidental ArtMaker Creative Crew. We meet online to support and inspire each other to create art that makes YOU happy.

    It is a galaxy of creativity where YOU ARE A STAR. 

    Let’s be friends on Facebook

    Now go & create something beautiful