Tutorial: Shirt Stamping

I love finding awesome flannels, bleaching them, and adding my two cents. Or Stevie Nick's two cents.
And some butterflies. Or how about a koi pond and some fish on a jean wrap around skirt? I had so much fun making my "Not Today Satan" shirt, and so many laughs wearing it. (a woman basically bought it off my back.) Anyways, here are the steps for stamping your own clothes. 

Step One: Find a Shirt
Starting off with a flannel shirt is super fun, as the bleached portions vary the color so much all over the shirt. Jean material is also a good starter as well. You don't want something that is super worn out. Often I find new flannel shirts at Goodwill that are new with the original store tags for $5. You can find pre-bleached shirts here on the site if you want to skip bleaching.
    1. Bleach or decolor a shirt. For bleaching, 
    2. Or buy one here!