Alphabellies 12x12 Décor Stamp - Iron Orchid Designs


These unassuming, sweet little stamp adornments go like bread and butter with all your IOD letter fonts. Alphabellies Stamp - Iron Orchid Designs and IOD alphabet stamps go together like Lucy and Ethel, like Laverne and Shirley, like Thelma and Louise… like Sally and Josie! You’ll never, ever, ever again want to use a font or alphabet stamp without the Alphabellies Stamp - Iron Orchid Designs. Try it with Retro, Typesetting, and Farmhand.  

The Alphabellies Stamp - Iron Orchid Designs is a versatile DIY tool made by IOD to help you transform your creations! These large scale stamps are made with food safe material that can be used on baked goods, sugar arts, decor, furniture, and just about whatever else you can put your mind to.