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Brocante IOD Transfer 12x16 Pad - Iron Orchid Designs


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Bonjour! Brocante IOD Transfer has won my heart over completely! Every image is special and evokes some kind of feeling or emotion. I want to travel back in time to Paris, wear a wig and feed chickens. I want to watch butterflies glide over the flowers, and flirt with naughty men. (Me flirt, not the butterflies. I would flirt with naughty women too in Paris.) This IOD transfer is a Parisian work horse, it can transform your small wood panel to a statement piece or turn that upstanding writing desk into French Royalty.

There are so many possibilities with the Brocante Transfer from IOD! Pace yourself with this new product from Iron Orchid Designs and enjoy the slow roll of artistic fulfillment!

Soyez méchant et flirtez aussi!