Portobello Road 2 Sheet Stamps - Iron Orchid Designs


A two page stamp set that throws up back to the Victorian era in England. Give me more vintage ladies and baking ovens and wooden armoires. The peace and the calm they make you feel in the pit of your stomach.

Portobello Road in England during the Victorian era was a bustling and vibrant street located in the Notting Hill area of London. It became renowned for its colorful market, known as Portobello Market, which started as a fresh food market but eventually evolved into a thriving antiques market.

During this time, Portobello Road was lined with stalls and shops selling various goods, including fruits, vegetables, fish, and other daily necessities. As the years went by, the market expanded to include second-hand clothes, furniture, and unique collectibles.

The Victorian architecture of the buildings on Portobello Road added to its charm, with rows of elegant terraced houses showcasing intricate facades and ornate details. These houses were often inhabited by middle-class families and shopkeepers.

In addition to the market, Portobello Road also housed many shops, boutiques, and pubs, catering to the needs and entertainment of the locals and visitors. People would gather to socialize, enjoy live music, and experience the lively atmosphere of the street.

Portobello Road in the Victorian era reflected the dynamic nature of London's ever-growing cityscape. It was a melting pot of diverse cultures, attracting both residents and tourists alike, drawn by the vibrant market, unique finds, and the undeniable energy that filled the air.