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Seed Catalogue IOD Transfer 8x12 Pad™- Iron Orchid Design


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Introducing the "Seed Catalogue" Transfer Pad from Iron Orchid Designs' Summer 2023 collection! This is 8 pages of 8x12 transfers features breathtaking art from the archives of vintage seed catalogues, showcasing an array of beautiful florals and foliage in a dreamy color palette. Whether you're a seasoned decorator or a novice crafter, you'll be amazed at what this transfer has to offer. From small decor items such as canisters, lamps, and junk journals, to petit gallery walls and gardening notebooks, the possibilities are limitless! Get ready to curate your own romantic English garden wall gallery with the delightful sweet peas and strawberries featured in this one-of-a-kind transfer pad. Add the perfect cottage core touch to any project with the exquisite "Seed Catalogue" Transfer Pad from Iron Orchid Designs!