Summer Villa IOD Paint Inlay


Welcome to Summer Villa, a stunning new IOD Paint Inlay inspired by the legendary French countryside retreat of Le Petit Trianon. Imagined by Marie Antoinette's desire for simpler times, this paint inlay picture captures the tranquil beauty of the French countryside - from the river to the trees, fields and the quaint farmhouse.

IOD Paint Inlays are custom designed art products that will revolutionize the DIY industry and help you channel your inner artist. Perfect for anyone of any skill level, these innovative products provide an easy way to enhance home décor. Unlike decals, decoupage or synthetic films, these inlays create a physical impression in the surface of your projects that adheres pigmented paint and gives a leather-like texture. Through these unique inlays, you can easily turn your space into an elegant retreat, just like Marie Antoinette’s favorite abode and be inspired to create something beautiful in your own home.