A Quick Story about Self Doubt

A Quick Story about Self Doubt

April 20, 2022

This famous Italian artist once wrote to his friend:

‘My painting is dead. Defend it for me, Giovanni.

Protect my honour. I am in the wrong place -- I am not a painter.’

He was referring to an iconic painting he was making at the time.

Who was he?

MICHELANGELO wrote this when he was painting the famous ceiling of the Sistine Chapel!


He felt he was not good enough to do the job given to him by Pope Julius II. But Michelangelo couldn’t refuse the Pope. 

Today, the Sistine Chapel ceiling is among the BEST ART humanity has ever created. :)

Why did I share this with you?

Because even Michelangelo doubted himself!

So go ahead, pick up something… anything… From Accidental ArtMaker and rekindle the child within you and reconnect with that beautiful voice of your soul.

We’ve lived long enough to know that not listening to our heart is a bad idea.

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