Recent Tutorials with Accidental ArtMaker

Recent Tutorials with Accidental ArtMaker

September 13, 2022

The Noel Paint Inlay Tutorial

OK! You have been wanting to try the Iron Orchid Designs Paint Inlays, but... what are they really all about? Well, let's look at the Noel Paint Inlay because I guarantee you that you will want to try these with your own hands! I have gotten really good questions from customers who just purchased their first inlay, the Noel Paint Inlay. I'll answer those questions and anything else LIVE that you may want to know or have demo'd. 


Mary Ann   Dousi

Mary Ann Dousi said:

I would like to get some information from you. E-mail is best. thanks

Isabel Da Costa

Isabel Da Costa said:

Will you be offering any appliqué classes in the near future?

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