Artist Spotlight: Amanda from The Pretty Place

Artist Spotlight: Amanda from The Pretty Place

May 10, 2023

Amanda's Story

When we moved to Camas in 2017,  I was determined to update a crumbling "leather" chair. So, of course, I scoured Pinterest for ideas & discovered I could paint it. While we were unpacking & and moving in, I took breaks & painted portions of the chair. I noticed how much more relaxed I became each time I painted, and I began to really enjoy the process. After the chair was finished, I began looking for online tutorials & sought out more pieces to paint.
I picked up a dining set off of a listing on FB Marketplace & the seller gave me a small nightstand for free. Later, a friend happened to see that nightstand in my garage & she asked if she could purchase it & have me custom paint it! Another friend saw pictures of the piece & asked if I would make over some of her decor pieces. And I've been happily painting & creating ever since.

I'm quite eclectic in my style - I enjoy exploring colors & textures & techniques. Each piece I transform is meant to enrich and enliven any space.

To get out of a creative funk, I usually go outside & spend time in my yard or go for a walk. I also have a stack of magazines to peruse & gather inspiration from


Mark Silliman

Mark Silliman said:

Beautifully done page Amanda enjoyed reading your story, and your artistic abilities are delightful!

Olivia Behm

Olivia Behm said:

Wow Amanda! Great story and lovely pieces. We artists seem to shuffle along until we find our authentic selves through creativity. So cool you’ve found your way!

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