Artists Spotlight: Jinny Holt

Artists Spotlight: Jinny Holt

March 12, 2023



I think I have always been arty, I loved art at school did my o' level art and have probably tried every craft going, which I strongly believe has guided me to being a mixed media artist today!

Before becoming a full time artist, I worked in the care sector for years and found creating a form of therapy, an escape from the day to day world and even though I get to create every day I still find it a good source of therapy when it is needed.

I find inspiration from everything and anything, the weather, nature, textiles, absolutely anything.


I gave up my full time job in June of 2021 after 7 years service as a support worker to adults with additional needs. I loved the job itself but the last 18 months I was miserable in my job role and for years I dreamed of having a shop and creating 24/7. In spring of 2021 an opportunity arose where I could have my dream of renting a shop with workshop out the back. Lucky for me I have a very, very supportive husband who talked me into quitting my job and going for it. I was giddy at first then the guilt set in, I'm  going to live my dream and my hubby is doing more hours. I opened my shop in June 2021 and my husband is my rock. I'm never going to be rich doing what i do but boy is my mental health rich! 

Mum's Shed used Millots Pages for this recent piece of art!

Another thing I struggled with was imposter syndrome, I guess most artists may have struggled with this! Oh what do you do for a living? The word artist was like a bad taste on my tongue and I couldn't say the word. I chatted with friends and family and sales and compliments about my work made me feel like actually YES I am an artist!


As I said before I'm inspired by loads and once I'm inspired I want to crack on and create. If I don't have all  the mediums to finish a project I'll make do with what I have. I'll admit I'm a very messy creator, using all the stuff and having it everywhere and end up working in a 6 inch space on my worktop. 

I dislike not being able to create, I will often go to bed with ideas buzzing around my head and if my mojo is resting and I have the urge to create, I find having a tidy, clear and a sort out a good way to help my mojo get back in the swing of I tend to find stash I had forgotten about and it sparks my mojo back to life!






Jinny said:

Thank you so much Sharon. One thing I will say is being on my creative journey I have connected with lot’s of creative, talented and beautiful souls, you are one of those x

Sharon aka Accidental ArtMaker

Sharon aka Accidental ArtMaker said:

We will meet one day f2f and hug it out 👩‍🎨❤️👩‍🎨

Pepper Brown

Pepper Brown said:

It’s so nice reading about other creators in the art field. I repurpose any and everything I can find. I go to thrift stores get furniture from friends going to throw pieces out. My garage is overflowing. And I chuckled over the girl from Scotland who says she works in a 6” space with other things piled on table with her. That was refreshing to know I’m not alone. Thanks for sharing

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