Celebrating (ALMOST) 700 Customer Reviews

Celebrating (ALMOST) 700 Customer Reviews

January 28, 2024

At Accidental ArtMaker, we believe that art has the power to unlock new dimensions in life. That's why we're not only celebrating the positive reviews but also sending a special thanks to even the 1 one-star review because, hey, beauty is subjective! We appreciate the diversity of opinions and understand that everyone's taste is unique.

Here's the real deal: Knowing something isn't your style and being able to voice that is another step in the right direction towards creating something you do love.

Another beautiful insight: every single review plays a crucial role in growing my business. Your reviews not only motivate me to keep doing what I am doing but also inspire other talented women artists like you to step out of their comfort zones and embrace the magic of art. Together, we are unlocking new dimensions in life through creativity.

So, let's keep this momentum going! Keep posting your incredible reviews, keep making art that blows our minds, and remember it's ok to feel vulnerable as you share your unique creations with the world. 🌍 You are making a difference, one brushstroke/decoupage paper/glue gun at a time!

Oh, and whenever you need art supplies or a dose of inspiration, don't forget to check out Accidental ArtMaker. We've got your back with top-notch materials and endless possibilities! Thank you, and let's keep spreading the joy of art! ❤️✨

Until next time, keep creating, keep flourishing, and let the spark of creativity guide you to new horizons! 🌟🎨✨

Hot Chicks Gladys Made by Marley

Join Sharon, the Accidental ArtMaker, on her creative journey as she spreads love and joy through creating art and enabling you as well:  Accidental ArtMaker loves and supports every woman, mid-life or older, who is discovering herself and is creating art as a way to express that (re)discovery. Just like your own journey, your art is uniquely beautiful too. Embrace it, kindle it, and be proud of it.
Champion of Women Artists. Official stockist for Iron Orchid Designs, Made by Marley decoupage paper, Roycycled decoupage and stencils, & DIY Paint.

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