April 20, 2023

Our beautifully unique, ultra fine bristles are made specifically for DIY Paint.

Our brushes are the softest on the market and are densely packed with bristles.

Wash before using -because these brushes are so full and super fine, it is normal to lose some bristles when they are new. It is helpful to wash out any initial stray bristles.

DIY brushes are long lasting and very durable, they are made to create a smooth finish for DIY Paint's clay formula.

DIY Paint will easily wash out of our dense soft bristles even days later. if used with other formulas or DIY tops coats , please wash immediately as our ultra fine bristles can be hard to clean with stickier products or products that contain built in top coats. 
These brushes are extremely unique, durable, and beautiful! You are going to love DIY Paint Brushes

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