It's Happening for Me in 2024

It's Happening for Me in 2024

January 16, 2024

You MAGIC in 2024✨
(It's not really magic!)
Have you ever wondered how
a mere 10 minutes a day
could ignite your creativity and transform
your artistic journey?
As a full-time working mom with a side business,
finding the time for creative expression
seemed like an impossible feat.
However, through this 10 Minutes a Day Series,
I've discovered the true magic of carving out
a small pocket of time each day
for my artistic passions.
It's been a game-changer,
and now I want to share this transformative experienc
e with you! 💫🌟
Here’s a secret tip that’s worked for me:

Whether you're a seasoned artist or just beginning to explore your creative side, this 10 minute commitment is designed to fit effortlessly into your daily routine.

No matter how busy life gets, these dedicated moments will nourish your soul and cultivate your artistic growth.

Remember, this commitment is not about perfection or creating masterpieces every day. It's about showing up for yourself and allowing your creativity to flow freely. By consistently dedicating 10 minutes a day to your art, you'll uncover hidden talents, embrace new techniques, and witness the joy of progress as it unfolds before your eyes.

I'm going live Monday through Friday.

(I'm doing 10 minutes a day on the weekend too, just off camera!)

Catch the #replay if you can't make a scheduled live.
Always feel welcome to comment!

Join Sharon, the Accidental ArtMaker, on her creative journey as she spreads love and joy through creating art and enabling you as well:  Accidental ArtMaker loves and supports every woman, mid-life or older, who is discovering herself and is creating art as a way to express that (re)discovery. Just like your own journey, your art is uniquely beautiful too. Embrace it, kindle it, and be proud of it.
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