The F Word

The F Word

April 01, 2024

I send out emails a few times a week to people who sign up on my website. On Mondays, I like to start out with a message that can be uplifting, challenging, thought provoking, etc. In the marketing world, these types of emails are called nurturing emails. "The purpose of these emails is to build a relationship with the customer and keep them engaged with your brand until they are ready to buy." And yes, I do want to engage with my customers but not just for them to buy something. I really want women to know there are a lot of things going on in this time of our lives and they are not alone. That I stand behind my mission "Accidental ArtMaker loves and supports every woman, mid-life or older, who is discovering herself and is creating art as a way to express that discovery. Just like your own journey, your art is uniquely beautiful too. Embrace it, kindle it, and be proud of it." Here is the email for you to decide:

SL: The F word

PT: You’re better than that, (first name)

"If you wanna fly, you got to give up 

the s*** that weighs you down.” 

— Toni Morrison

So, I was chilling with my morning coffee today. A slow morning where the world hasn't started yelling at you yet. 

And this thought just wandered into my mind –

Why are we all freaking out about being average?

Do I have to be the Meryl Streep of something? What if I'm cool just sipping my coffee, creating some art, hanging with my hubby, or chatting on the phone with my kid for hours?

It's like we're all running from "average" like it's some kind of monster under the bed. 👽

Think about it –

That dress you love but won't wear because you think you're not rocking the right body for it. Who even cares?

Or that dance class you've been eyeing but never sign up for. 

Too old, you think? BS!

It's this fear of being just okay at something that stops us dead in our tracks. 

Stops us from wearing what we want. 

Stops us from dancing like nobody's watching.

But what if being average is actually the secret sauce? 

What if it's not about the spotlight but about those little moments? 

Like, really savoring your coffee or creating something not for Instagram, but just for you.

I'm thinking it's time to give the middle finger to these fears. Time to wear that dress. Time to sign up for the dance class. 

Because, honestly, being average? It's not a curse. It's freedom.

So, what do you say? Ready to embrace your average with me? Let's do it. Let's find joy in just being us.

Hit me back with your thoughts. Ever ditched these fears and found something awesome on the other side? I wanna hear it.

Catch you later,

Sharon "the happily average" Dawson



Kathy Russell

Kathy Russell said:

F word with a capital F! Apparently, the quitters and the “glass half empty” folks didn’t read your rockin’ email. You know what they say about assuming…. :)

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