Find Your Creative Flow

Find Your Creative Flow

January 23, 2024

Hey there, fabulous ladies who are juggling a million things at once! I know you're busy but let's take a moment to talk about something that could bring some serious joy and inspiration into your life - creative flow.

Now, I can practically hear the collective eye roll from all you amazing women artists in midlife or older, thinking, "Who has time for this flow thing?" But trust me, it's worth it! So, grab your coffee (or wine, no judgment here) and let me break it down for you.

First off, creative flow is like that magical moment when you find an extra 20 bucks in your pocket - unexpected but totally awesome! It's when you're so immersed in your art that time flies by faster than the latest fashion trend.

Picture this: You're in your creative cave, brush in hand, and suddenly the world outside doesn't exist. Your focus is laser sharp, and ideas are flowing like a river of chocolate (okay, maybe not chocolate, but close enough!). That's creative flow, my friends.

Now, why should you care about this flow stuff? Well, buckle up because I'm about to drop some knowledge bombs:

1. Supercharged Productivity: Imagine getting more done in less time. That's what flow does for you! It's like having a secret power-up that makes you a productivity queen. No more feeling overwhelmed by that never-ending to-do list; you'll be knocking things out like a boss!

2. Joyful Escape: Let's face it, life can get a bit chaotic sometimes. But when you tap into that flow state, you enter a blissful sanctuary where stress takes a back seat. It's like slipping into your comfiest PJs after a long day - pure happiness!

3. Unleash Your Inner O'Keefe: Remember when you were a kid, and your creativity knew no bounds? Well, flow brings back that childlike wonder and sets your imagination free. Say hello to fresh ideas, innovative solutions, and a whole lot of artistic badassery!

4. Aging Like Fine Wine: Ladies, we all hear that age is just a number, and creativity knows no boundaries. In fact, being an older artist brings a unique perspective and depth to your work. Embrace your wisdom, let it shine through your art, and inspire others on their creative journey.

So, my fellow wonder women, make time for creative flow. It's a gift you give yourself - a chance to reconnect with your passion, ignite your creativity, and unleash your inner artist. Let the flow be your secret weapon in conquering the world, one beautiful creation at a time!

Now, go grab that paintbrush, put on your favorite tunes, and get into the glorious flow zone. You've got this, incredible women!

Join Sharon, the Accidental ArtMaker, on her creative journey as she spreads love and joy through creating art and enabling you as well:  Accidental ArtMaker loves and supports every woman, mid-life or older, who is discovering herself and is creating art as a way to express that (re)discovery. Just like your own journey, your art is uniquely beautiful too. Embrace it, kindle it, and be proud of it.
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Judee said:

Thank you for addressing “creative flow”. I am so ready. I happened on Iron Orchid Designs and bought a mold, now I don’t know what to do with it. Can you help me?

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