Meet Sharon Dawson, The Accidental ArtMaker

Meet Sharon Dawson, The Accidental ArtMaker

April 09, 2023

You may have missed a recent online magazine article about me! If you are curious to learn more about the Accidental ArtMaker, here is the first paragraph of the article and the link to read more. Thank you Canvas Rebel for featuring me!

It all started as a side hustle over 10 years ago with an abandoned piece of furniture on the side of the road. How could somebody just dump this beautiful sideboard when it obviously had so much life left in it? When it could be transformed into something magnificent and beautiful and useful? That sideboard called to me and I did a u-turn in my little car and shoved it in the back, much to the embarrassment of my kids. I signed up for a chalk painting class and kicked off my upcyling adventures. This was about the time my first marriage was about to come to a screeching halt. I painted in the summertime in my garage studio, selling my pieces to neighbors or consigning to our local antique store. I had a great creative outlet, made a little cash, and emotional coping mechanism as I went through a nasty divorce.

This is not the business I run today but it is the foundation, the starting place for “Accidental ArtMaker”.

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Pam Garelli

Pam Garelli said:

Good for you for finding a fantastic outlet and staying strong. When someone kicks you when you’re down they should fear how big you will be when you get back up. 😁👍

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